How long have you worked here? ǿ
I'm going out for lunch
I'll be back at 1.30
How long does it take you to get to work?
The traffic was terrible today ()
How do you get to work?

You're fired! !

She's on maternity leave
He's on paternity leave
He's off sick today
He's not in today ( )
She's on holiday
I'm afraid I'm not well and won't be able to come in today

He's with a customer at the moment
I'll be with you in a moment
Sorry to keep you waiting
Can I help you?
Do you need any help? ɿ
What can I do for you? ߿ ( ߿)

➔ ➔

He's in a meeting
What time does the meeting start? ڿ
What time does the meeting finish? ڿ
The reception's on the first floor ()
I'll be free after lunch ( )
She's having a leaving-do on Friday ()
She's resigned
This invoice is overdue ( )
He's been promoted
Here's my business card ( )
Can I see the report? ѿ
I need to do some photocopying
Where's the photocopier? ɿ
The photocopier's jammed ( )
I've left the file on your desk

There's a problem with my computer
The system's down at the moment
The internet's down at the moment
I can't access my emails
The printer isn't working