Whats he up to?
Dont trust that man hell do the dirty on you
Stay the way you are
How can I get round him? ޿
And thats what vexes me
I might as well have it
Steer clear of troubles
Im terribly sorry
You get my goat
You are very close
Are you facing any problems?
I can bring him to agree to the plan
Ragtag and bobtail
The years slipped by
It does not make sense
Do not break your neck on this job
I have been looking all over for him
I like to mix with crowds
If all goes well
I left no stone unturned
I have another vision
At your earliest convenience
I got wind of what you were saying about me
I wish I knew whats afoot
What is he driving at?
Stop having as on
What are keeping back?
Enough has been said in this respect
The plane is bound to succeed
Is anything a miss? ÿ
No matter who does it
Cut your coat according to your cloth
They did not dare to come
You must try to keep out of trouble
Its next to impossible
You may just as well say the truth
We have never doubted of win
This will not get you anywhere
We have never doubted of win
I have been there already
Keep your troubles to yourself
It didnt do me any good
Neither this nor that
This help to break the ice
Thanks for your encouragement
I have suffered enough , I cant go through any more
I am not in touch with anyone
Till all is blue
Not for you , nor yet for me
Give them all an even break
Nothing to speak of
It was a crucial period
Dont put the cart before the horse
What would you have me do in that case? ɿ
Please give attention to this matter
This is beside the mark
I tried to bring it home to him, but he didnt understand
It is much better to sit on the rails
Use others as you would like them to use you
Take no notice of what they say
Take note of what I say
Will that take long?
I have a hunch that Ill make it
Physics is my cup of tea
By hook or by crook
A matter of no consequence
Consider the feelings of others
He is such a drag
It is attended with difficulties
Ill examine the various aspects of subject
Will that be all? ѿ
He did that behind my back
Dont rely on him , he may fail you
Ill go , even if you forbid me
Sorry , I didnt catch that
What I have said doesnt apply to you
They always playing him up
Do it at leisure
No call for anxiety
Please act for me in this matter
Do something instead of looking about
Dont take it away from him
Does this concern me?
They did not pay an attention
The truth downed on him
A man with a cheerful disposition
He cant keep out of trouble
I have clear conception of what must be done
We argued till we came to blows
He is not up to the standard required
He is the only man fit to take the responsibility
The truth will out
The news was soon circulated
You dont look like it
Ill do it like a bird
He always falls on his feet
I dont think he will bring it off
He is much better today than yesterday
A critical moment in my life
If you want to succeed you must keep up with the times
Things are beginning to go much better for us
Dont put me in your black books
Didnt you think it was rather out of place to say that? ߿
There is no occasion for you to lose your temper
Ill save you the trouble
Beyond human comprehension
That boy needs keeping under
His speech held his audience spellbound
His father was wearing a troubled look
I have a nodding acquaintance with him
He gained his ends by art
This is a matter of course
He is in instant need of help
He got himself into serious trouble.
He always in want of money
Thats a lame excuse
Im much annoyed at his behaviors
We must make allowance for his youth
I dont want to see him again for a very long time
What you say to him will fall on deaf ears
He never counts the cost of his actions
This will bring about much trouble
What ails him?
All agog to know what happened
After all his efforts , he has failed
a bolt in from blue
I was wrong about him
He seems to have a aberration of mind
What reasons have you for thinking so? Ͽ
I do want you to know how sorry I am
Let this be an example to you
There is nothing to be afraid of
The ins and out
We can but try
He is an awkward customer
I cant but admire your courage
You have done me many good turns
As you treat me , so will I treat you
I appreciate your kindness
Now , lets get down to the nitty-gritty
Who is to blame for this disaster? ɿ
Dont let the cat out of the bag
Dont worry about me, Ill get by
He affairs were in a sad plight
He is always getting in hot water
It will be no trouble
I feel terrible
He is reliable
We appreciate your confidence in us
According to your request
I appreciate your concern
Lets hope for the best
Dont be a sucker
When did you hit the sack last night?
Your idea is really red hot
Everything is in the bag. There is nothing to worry about
Dont be a chicken
I have heard that line a million times
He gave me a cat walk
Its most kind of you
She telephoned a bit earlier
I got canned today at work
Dont get too stressed out
It seems to be somewhat difficult
Would you be permitted to do it? ߿
If all goes well
I cant get through all my work
Will you get my umbrella from the hall?
I must get to London by five
Please get out of the way
Please dont get worried
He got very angry
When did you get the news? ѿ
Ill have to get a taxi
Did you get the house you wanted?
I got a very friendly letter from them
We must talk things over with John
The smoke went upwards
He moved his arm downwards
When you see the enemy , move forward not backward!
He walked towards the house but stopped before he got there
No question about it
I didnt realize what had happened till afterwards
Things have come to a sad pass
This subject is about me
I dont know what will come about
A situation that permits of no delay
A difficult problem to deal with
I shall esteem it a favor
You must come to a decision