I believe that
I believe that John is in vacation, that is why we have not seen him the past week ɡ .

I think that
I think that English is the most excitement language .
I guess
I do not know how to fly an airplane, but I believe it is difficult ɡ .

I feel that
Suzan seems really upset, I feel that she has been arguing with her boss .

߿ ߿ :

in my view
In my view, the changes we are seeing is due to the new managers policies .

in my opinion -
Well, in my opinion, Henry is not using his full capacities .

The way I see it -
The way I see it, you have to pay a lot of money to repair your car ǡ .

߿ :

I am interested in
I am really interested in learning English business .

I am keen on
I am keen on playing chess .

I am passionate about /
I am passionate about my work and my career .

I am fascinated by -
The moment I entered this museum, I was fascinated by its greatness .