Good morning

Good evening

Good night

Thank you

Do not mention it

Thank you very much


Never mind



See you later

Of course

Nice to meet you

Have a seat, please


How are you

I am fine,what about you

I'm glad to see you .

How is everything going

See you tomorrow

It makes me happy
Looking forward to seeing you again.

What do you like to drink

Thank you for your visit .

Lend me your car

Sorry , I have no time

I know it very well

Thank you very much

So long

I'm looking for my book

I want you

Good bye

I did not go

I'm in a great hurry

I'm sorry

I cant stay

More than a week

I'm ready

I'm comfortable here

I believe so

Will you dine with me


Listen to me

I'm very happy

You are quite wrong

Let me see it please

Thank you I will take this

As you like sir

I stopped

Dont worry

It's not bad

I waiting for you


I shall go right now

What about you

Where is it

When can I have it back