⇦ It's raining Today

⇦ He takes the Morning train

⇦ Ahmed likes Apple

⇦ The journal of educational Research

⇦ We have some Things in common

⇦ They are Friends

⇦ She entered into the Room quietly

⇦ Khaled was Angry yesterday

⇦ Sara always help her Mother

⇦ She will come Soon

⇦ He Lives in Riyad

⇦ Farmer works in his farm

⇦ Many tourist visit Paris in the Summer season

⇦ The Weather is very hot today

⇦ She brought me Flowers

⇦ She won the Game

⇦ He goes to School by bus

⇦ My dog is having a problem opening its Mouth

⇦ The postman brought the mail Early today