Whats he up to?
Dont trust that man hell do the dirty on you
Stay the way you are
How can I get round him? ޿
And thats what vexes me
I might as well have it
Steer clear of troubles
Im terribly sorry
You get my goat
You are very close
Are you facing any problems?
I can bring him to agree to the plan
Ragtag and bobtail
The years slipped by
It does not make sense
Do not break your neck on this job
I have been looking all over for him
I like to mix with crowds
If all goes well
I left no stone unturned
I have another vision
At your earliest convenience
I got wind of what you were saying about me
I wish I knew whats afoot
What is he driving at?
Stop having as on
What are keeping back?
Enough has been said in this respect
The plane is bound to succeed
Is anything a miss? ÿ
No matter who does it
Cut your coat according to your cloth
They did not dare to come
You must try to keep out of trouble
Its next to impossible
You may just as well say the truth
We have never doubted of win
This will not get you anywhere
We have never doubted of win
I have been there already
Keep your troubles to yourself
It didnt do me any good
Neither this nor that
This help to break the ice
Thanks for your encouragement
I have suffered enough , I cant go through any more
I am not in touch with anyone
Till all is blue
Not for you , nor yet for me